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This list is only for referencing what footprints various optics use. Refer to the specific product description for the service you are purchasing to ensure you place the correct order for the optic you will be using.  

  • Trijicon RMR

    • Trijicon: RMR, SRO​​

    • Holosun: 407c, 507c, 508t​, 507 Comp

    • Sig Romeo Zero R

    • Swampfox: Liberty and Justice

    • Riton PRD Series

  • Shield RMSc/RMS

    • Shield: RMS, RMSc, RMSx, RMSw

    • Holosun: 507k, 407k, EPS, EPS Carry

    • Sig: Romeo Zero, Romeo Zero ELITE

    • Swampfox Sentinel

    • Riton MPRD Series

    • Primary Arms Classic 21mm

    • Salvo Optics SRC

    • Vortex Defender CCW

  • Docter Pattern

    • Vortex Venom​

    • Burris Fastfire 3

  • Leupold Deltapoint Pro

    • Leupold Deltapoint Pro​

    • Sig Romeo Zero Pro, Romeo 1 Pro


  • Aimpoint ACRO P1 & P2

  • Vortex Viper

  • Steiner MPS

  • Holosun 509T

  • Trijicon RMRcc

  • Primary Arms 509T ACSS


M&P Shield / Shield Plus Optic Ready Re-Machine for Holosun 507K/407K & EPS

M&P Shield / Shield Plus Optic Ready Re-Machine for Holosun 507K/407K & EPS


This item is to purchase the machining service to modify the optic pocket on the M&P Shield and Shield Plus Optics Ready slides to be compatible with the Holosun 507K/407K, and EPS/EPS Carry series of optics. 


Smith and Wesson is machining the M&P Shield optic pockets with an angle that slopes downwards towards the muzzle. We have seen this angle vary from 0.5 to 0.75 degrees and as a result some optics may run out of elevation adjustment or be at max adjustment to obtain zero.


This service will make the slide compatible with the Holosun 507K/407K, and EPS/EPS Carry. The factory optic pocket will be re-machined flat (eliminating the factory angle). The rear locating lugs will be removed in the process and the front lugs will be shaved down to a height of .025". 


If you have previously sent your slide into Nameless Armament to convert your M&P Shield to be compatible with the Holosun mounting pattern and are experiencing issues obtaining zero, please contact us at to get your slide sent back in for this update (you will just need to pay for the shipping cost). This does not apply to slides modified by other shops or by the end user.


  • Optic Pocket re-machined flat (parrellel to barrel bore axis)
  • Optic pocket rear lugs removed
  • Front lugs shaved to a height of .025"
  • Re-profile the front lugs on M&P Shield Optic Ready models where the lugs are out of specification (Corrects front lugs that are flared out at the bottom of the optic pocket.
  • There is no need to send your optic in with your slide because the optic pocket is already cut
  • Price does not include refinishing. The slide is stainless steel and will recieve a coating of LPS3 to the machined pocket.
  • Cerakote can be added to your order HERE 
  • Return shipping is via USPS Flat Rate and insured to $500
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