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Frequently Asked Questions

Lead Times Explained: Lead times are an estimate of the timeframe to for the work on your slide to be completed. Our top priority is always providing the best quality of work we can to the end user. We will not sacrifice the quality of our work in order to provide faster lead times, period. Sometimes there are unforeseen issues or unexpected challenges that can cause delays. Additionally we logistically prioritize the work in the shop to best maximize our efficiency. Because there are variations in materials and finishes of pistols slides, we ensure that the tooling used and programming are optimized to provide accurate and clean machining. Not all slides machine the same. Lastly, some work that is sent in requires unique programming and setup. These work orders can delay other work in the shop because we are limited in the amount of equipment and man power we have. While we always strive to have your slide back to you as soon as we can, the quality of the work we perform is ALWAYS the top priority. 

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