Reserved P365 SAS Optic Adapter Plates

Reserved P365 SAS Optic Adapter Plates


If you were not sent the link via email to purchase one of these adapter plates, DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER FOR ONE!!! Your order will be cancelled minus a 20% cancellation fee. This is for customers that we have reserved plates for ONLY. 


PLEASE READ the installation manual found HERE


This adapter plate will allow the mounting of the optics that use the Shield RMSc mounting pattern (like the Sig Romeo Zero, Swamp Fox Sentinel, and Holosun 407K/507K) on the Sig P365 SAS. Simply remove the factory rear sight and install the adapter with the included M2.5 x 8mm screws. You can then mount your optic to the plate with the included M3 mounting screws. It is required that you apply threadlock (we recommend Vibra-Tite VC-3)  to all hardware to prevent backing out. 


PLEASE NOTE - Due to variances in Sig's dimesions of the SAS sight pocket, final fitting may be required. If you do not feel comfortable performing installation yourself you may send in your slide and plate to have us perform the installation. You will just need to pay for the cost of shipping. 


If you are local to us in Phoenix Arizona you are more than welcome to pick one up in person. There is no need to place an order online. Just send us an email at and we will set one aside for you!


Package Includes:

1- Sig P365 SAS Optic Adapter Plate finished in Hard Black Anodize

1- 2mm Allen Wrench

2- M3 - 10mm Button Head Screws for Shield RMSc

2- M3 - 10mm Countersink Head Screws for Sig Romeo Zero and Holosun 407/507K

2- M2.5 - 8mm Countersink Screws for securing adapter plate to slide


Items you will need for installation:

T8 Torx driver or bit (to remove factory sight and install plate)

Thread locker - VIBRA-TITE VC3 IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Link to purchase HERE.


Installation Instructions can be found HERE


Links to replacement hardware

  • M2.5x.45 8mm  plate mounting screws LINK
  • M3x.5 10mm button optic mounting screws LINK
  • M3x.5 10mm countersink optic mounting screws LINK


Compatible Optics:

Shield Sights

  • RMSc
  • SMSc
  • RMS (will have an overhang)
  • RMSw (will have an overhang)

Sig Optics

  • Romeo Zero (will not work with metal shroud)


  • 507K (includes new X2 models)
  • 407K (includes new X2 models)

Swampfox Optics

  • Sentinel

Riton Optics

  • X3 Tactix MPRD

Zaffiri Precision / Salvo Optics

  • SRC