Kaminari Compensator 2.0 9mm
  • Kaminari Compensator 2.0 9mm

    SKU: KCOMP2.0-ONI10

    Building on the original Kaminari Compensator we are proud to announce the new Kaminari 2.0 Pistol Compensator. The Kaminari 2.0 has been improved in a variety of ways over the original. First the effective surface area of the baffle has been increased leading to a more effective force to help combat recoil and keep your pistol shooting flatter. Second we increased the mounting setscrew size to dual .25" long 8-32 stainless steel setscrews. These will allow you to apply more torque to them and less likelyhood of stripping them. Some features carried over from the original, such as Type 3 hard anodizing for a long service life as well as precision CNC cut 1/2-28 barrel threads. Finally the compensator has been designed to fit a variety of 9mm pistols on the market. As always the Kaminari 2.0 is designed, built, and manufactured right here in the USA from domestic materials.   


    NOTE! It is highly recommended that you use a 13lb recoil spring (in most pistols) or 15lb recoil spring (for Glocks) in conjunction with the Kaminari 2.0 Comp for the most reliable function. The recoil spring size for a Glock 17 will fit the full size M&P lineup of 9mm pistols including the 2.0 compact 4". I.E. if you order a 13lb recoil spring for a Glock 17 it will fit the M&P. Guiderods between the M&P 5"/4.25" and Glock 17 (Gen3) are also interchangeable.



    Caliber - 9mm (please not these will not fit 40 S&W to 9mm conversion barrels)

    Barrel Threads - 1/2-28

    Mounting Secrews - 8-32 x .25 Stainless Steel

    Length - 1.15"

    Height - .823"

    Width - .87'

    Weight - .65oz

    Coating - Type 3 Hard Anodized Black


    Included in the package

    1x Kaminari 2.0 Compensator (Oni Engraving)

    2x 8-32 Mounting Setscrews

    2x 11mm x 1mm Barrel O-rings

    1x 11mm x 1.5mm Barrel O-ring

    1x 5/64 Allen Key


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